Adventures with Consuelo Vanderbilt

The name Vanderbilt is forever linked to the ascribed status of a bygone era referred to as the Gilded Age, the period following Briton’s transition to steam power and the mechanization of factories spurred by the industrial revolution in the early to mid 1800’s. During this era, visionary magnates including Cornelius Vanderbilt reshaped the fabric of American culture through their extraordinary business ventures in transportation, steel, and oil.

Though the name suggests inherent advantage, Vanderbilt Costin’s newsworthy achievements reflect incredible talent, intuitive business acumen, and personal merit. Her entrepreneurial spirit sparked the reimagination of on-line creative enterprise to financially benefit creators at large. Singer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Empath and Activist, Vanderbilt Costin, alias Mo Costin, is no stranger to the limelight having had 5 top 10 singles on Billboard’s Dance Club Song Chart. Devoted to several worthy causes, proceeds from last year’s holiday release, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, a duet with her dear friend, British Fashion Designer, Malan Breton, benefi tted Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids and the Vanderbilt Museum in Suff olk County, NY.

Fast forward to 21st Century modern day visionary, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, a direct descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Together with Umi McGuckin, Vanderbilt Costin co-founded SohoMuse, an invitation only, on-line platform set to reshape how professional creatives promote, network, book, sell and share every aspect of their projects. Taylor Swift famously said, “You’re the only one who gets to decide what you’ll be remembered for.” Citing the Disney business model as inspiration, Vanderbilt Costin is sure to be lauded far into the future for the inception and development of this ground-breaking community of professional creatives.

Blessed with a beguiling presence and an other-worldly voice tempered with heart and earnest desire, Consuelo was counseled early on to make her own mark on the world by her father becoming fiercely independent in the process. A multifaceted artist and business-woman, she designed and successfully launched a celebrated jewelry collection, Homage, on HSN, inspired by an engagement ring inherited from her great grandmother, Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl. And as Cofounder and President of SohoMuse, Vanderbilt Costin’s skillful management style is rapidly transforming the on-line booking process of vetted talent through the fi rst vertical social network for the creative industry. 

Central to this platform is the creation of the SohoMuse Marketplace where vetted members customarily show and sell their work. During the 2020 Pandemic lockdown, SohoMuse became an integral space for musicians and artists to safely preform during carefully curated events, generating much needed income as theaters and concert venues went dark. Networking events, fashion previews, mentorship programs, education and job opportunities are current advantages of membership. Masterclasses carry nominal fees. Next up, Vanderbilt Costin is endeavoring to create and release content through the expansion of the SohoMuse platform, producing and launching its first full length feature film acquired as an IP (Intellectual Property) with full ownership and sole distribution rights. 

As an Empath, Consuelo is committed to helping others, endowed with a lifelong propensity for learning and sharing, her quest for excellence a hallmark of her life’s work. She is happiest surrounded by family and loyal friends who love her and support her numerous projects. Her candid personality and disarming honesty drew us up close and personal during our interview. JEZMagazine is blessed to introduce you to an inspiring woman of integrity and joie de vivre, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin. 

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Adventures with Consuelo Vanderbilt
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