The World of Celia Ledon’s artful costume designs

We have taken the liberty of copying the definition of Industrial Design from the Industrial Designers Society of America website, along with quotes from professional individuals in the field, fully accrediting them for their insight as we introduce you to Celia Ledon, a celebrated Cuban Costume Designer forging global inroads in the realm of fashion sustainability.

Industrial designers create and develop concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and aesthetics of products, environments, systems, and services for the benefit of the user, industry, and society. Industrial design involves combinations of the visual arts disciplines, sciences, and technology, and requires problem-solving and communication skills. (National Association of Schools of Design Handbook)

Design is the first signal of human intention.

—William McDonough

Design is a method of action.

—Ray and Charles Eames

Design…is a manifestation of the capacity of the human spirit to transcend its limitations.

—George Nelson

Our intent to showcase Celia to distinction would fall flat had we not explored her background first. Her education speaks volumes about her dedication to the discovery of form and function which propelled her forward on a journey of purpose in the field of costume design. Industrial design is the foundation of Ledon’s masterful handiwork, each piece unique in its assemblage, drawing the viewer deep within the context of construction where the secret of her ultimate design is envisioned and born.

Ledon is devoted to creating designs shaped and draped over the body shying away from describing herself as an artist. She has been quoted as saying she loses herself in the process of discovery through the actual execution of her designs as she works to create each piece. Humble in her self-deprecation we hold fast to our personal belief that she is an artist of merit, worthy of critical acclaim. Fashioning her creations from found objects, discarded clothing, trash and plastics, Celia is a leading proponent of incorporating fair and ethical principles of established sustainability directives into her costume designs. Reuse, Repurpose, Remake, and create Zero Waste are the basic tenants she employs in her work.

In Cuba, the supply chain is severely limited, and the shortage of materials has presented designers and entrepreneurs with challenges pushing them to use found objects to make something from nothing.

They’ve heartily risen to the challenge establishing a new generation of designers dedicated to saving the environment while building a better future. Celia has expertly incorporated items such as soda can lids and tabs, bedsheets, plastic bags, straw hats and carburetor hoses into her Haute Couture costumes. She has worked in varying capacities for numerous productions and companies including Teatro el Publico, Ludi Teatro, Clandestina and independent dance productions and opera companies as a Costume Designer, Art Director, Film and Video Producer, or Production Designer.

Celia Ledon has been lauded in numerous exhibitions and global public events including presentations at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, the Miami Design Lab, and art galleries in Portugal and Cuba. Celia holds title to several coveted awards and continues to be a force to be reckoned with on multiple platforms. As an Industrial Designer, she has found her niche in the fashion firmament as a Sustainable Costume Designer and we’re proud to feature her in the first “Jez Magazine, Special Edition Spotlight on Talent” review.

For an immersive experience into the world of Celia Ledon’s artful costume designs, please join us at the Doral Museum in Miami, Florida, June 3rd and 4th, 2021. Go to for more information.

~ Wrtitten by Denise Pereau ~

The World of Celia Ledon’s artful costume designs
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