Lighting is everything

Quality light is crucial when photographing models and fashion so the outfits, makeup and skin tones look their best.

Natural Light is ideal, and SYLVANIA Natural Series LED lighting is a gorgeous alternative because it duplicates Natural Light, thanks to TruWave Technology. Anyone who knows me knows how hard I work to get everything to look amazing. That’s why I installed these throughout my penthouse studio where I work and live, so everything can look incredible! I also appreciate how these minimize blue light which helps with my well-being and comfort, so I can fall asleep easier and see better with light that is more soothing for my eyes.

With SYLVANIA Natural Series, I’m enjoying beautiful natural light all day and night in my professional and personal life. In fact, SYLVANIA Natural LED lighting helps many of the photos in this magazine and videos you see on my social media channels look so incredible!

I hope you find your Tru light, and let it shine, baby!


The SYLVANIA Natural Series LED portfolio with TruWave Technology includes lighting products for all over your home.

They can be found on Amazon:

Lighting is everything
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